Sussex Greenways Sponsored Ride & Walk

To raise funds for improvements to


Sunday 29th August 10am-2pm

Start/finish Peasmarsh village hall
6 kilometres/3.7 miles route

Go round as many times as you can!
Some sections may be muddy and unsuitable for road bikes

Please register using the form provided

**FREE bike safety checks

We also need Marshalls and other volunteers.
Please donate if you can’t take part.

Further information:

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The aim of this sponsored event is to raise funds to improve the Rights of Way network within the relevant Parish. By signing up to this event, you agree to the following conditions:

Any monies raised during the event must be spent on Rights of Way within the Parish subject to due democratic process (including community consultation) and permissions from the County Council (or other relevant local authorities or statutory bodies) and the landowners. Sussex Greenways retains the right to determine the most effective means of achieving these goals, and may hold these funds until the feasibility of the route is established.

The Parish and Sussex Greenways will work collaboratively towards obtaining the necessary permissions and the completion of Rights of Way improvements.

If the relevant stakeholders are unable to reach an agreement on improvements to the primary route, funds may be used to benefit other Rights of Way within the Parish. If no agreement is reached, and none likely to be reached within the financial year in which the money is raised, Sussex Greenways reserves the right to allocate the funds to other Rights of Way projects in other Parishes.



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