Our goal is to facilitate the creation of traffic-free Greenway routes primarily (but not exclusively) on existing rural Rights-of-Way.

Current Government policy is chiefly focused on medium-sized towns, larger towns and cities (Gear Change: a bold vision for cycling and walking Dept for Transport July 2020). Similarly, East Sussex County Council’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan 2020 prioritises areas largely located on the coastal strip and the larger market towns in the County.

Why do we need traffic-free Greenways?

  •      Safe, accessible leisure routes for walking, cycling & riding.
  •      Healthier, happier lifestyles for local communities.
  •      Improvements in air quality.
  •      Growth in ‘staycations’ & connecting with nature.
  •      Long-term economic benefits from green tourism.
  •      Helping to meet zero carbon goals.
  •      Electric bikes make rural routes more feasible.

There is enormous un-met demand for safe, traffic-free routes.By combining Greenways with Quiet Lanes we plan to create a low-carbon rural transport network, for safe use by all.

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Sussex Greenways
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